SOMMER novelties IAA 2018


The SOMMER TIX is a compact parcel vehicle with 15 percent more space for the deliverer and 35 percent more shelf space for parcels.

The new SOMMER TIX is a sandwich-type integral cargo body with a large cargo hold volume that allows for the use of extra-wide shelves with a depth of 650 millimeters, for secure storage of parcels and a wide aisle.

The SOMMER TIX has a cab elevation as well as a direct passage from the cab into the cargo area with lockable sliding door. The passage width of 700 mm is extremely comfortable for the deliverer. The sliding door on the passenger side of the cab allows for safe exit on the side facing away from traffic. Again, the deliverer with 730 millimeters wide passage is offered a lot of space. On the driver side, the original driver's cab door of the SOMMER TIX in mixed construction remains in place.

The light insulation of the body reduces the heating of the load compartment in the summer and the cooling in the winter and thus allows a positive working environment for the deliverer. With 2.22 m inside width, 3.50 m inside length and a trunk volume of 16.1 m³, the SOMMER TIX offers more cargo space than comparable vehicles in this class.

The load compartment is equipped with a robust and durable shelving system that ensures order and safety during transport. Automatically locking side and rear doors ensure greater safety. The locking system automatically locks the luggage compartment doors, thus protecting the cargo space. The unlocking takes place "key-less" with the help of a transponder or from the inside with large switches.

The SOMMER TIX delivery vehicle, the SOMMER ZGSL-A parcel trailer and the SOMMER PARCELY electric cargo bike together form the ideal solution for the last mile in parcel logistics.


The retractable ZGSL-A parcel trailer ensures greater efficiency in the last mile. It serves as a micro-depot and as a garage for the new electric cargo bike SOMMER PARCELY.

The new SOMMER ZGSL-A is a sandwich-type, two-axle center-axle trailer with a closed superstructure, which SOMMER has developed especially for the city delivery of parcel services. The trailer with a total weight of 3.5 tons has chassis that can be hydraulically lowered by 180 millimeters. As a result, the cargo space can be accessed from the rear almost at ground level. Inside there is a foldable shelve system. This is attached to lashing strips on the side walls or on special ground connections and can be dismantled without much effort.

With easy access and generous storage options, the SOMMER ZGSL-A is ideal as a micro-depot for downtown delivery. Pulled into the city behind a delivery vehicle, the trailer is parked at the collection point, from where distribution of parcels within a radius takes place in several stages.
Thanks to the generous center aisle and the low loading sill, the new electric cargo bike SOMMER PARCELY can also be stowed in the rear of the SOMMER ZGSL-A.

With the PARCELY electric cargo bike, SOMMER offers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for the last meters of the parcel delivery logistics chain.
The SOMMER PARCELY electric cargo bike is designed as a pedelec and can be driven without driving license. It is equipped with an electric motor with integrated three-speed gear shift developed especially for cargo bikes. The box body in sandwich construction has a loading volume of 2.1 cubic meters. The structure has a keyless, automatic locking system. The unlocking takes place "key-less" with the help of a transponder. SOMMER PARCELY is designed for a total weight of 350 kilograms.


The SOMMER SKT 36 three-axle semi-trailer short chassis is particularly suitable for self-supporting tank bodies in gas or food transport.

With attention to the special requirements of gas and food transport, SOMMER has developed the SOMMER SKT 36 three-axle short chassis. By using stainless steel for the entire frame and all steel attachments, the chassis offers absolute corrosion resistance and insensitivity to acids and alkalis. The stainless steel chassis is also easy to clean and thus meets all requirements for food transport.

Thanks to the optimized welding construction made of high-strength stainless steel, the weight of the SOMMER chassis is around 2,600 kilograms, which is less than a comparable steel chassis. The frame construction with cranked cross members offers an above-average amount of space between the side rails, so optimal conditions for the construction of any tank sizes. Sliding plate and landing gear are included.

The SOMMER SKT 36 short chassis rolls on trailer axles from SAF or BPW in heavy-duty design and is ideally suited for milk collection vehicles or other tank vehicles that are frequently moved on rough terrain. The SOMMER chassis is fitted as standard with an EBS electronic braking system and the Trailer Stability System RSS, as well as a SmartBoard control unit for brake and air suspension.
The SOMMER SKT 36 short chassis is also characterized by high ease of maintenance. Axles, brakes and electrics are from well-known European brand manufacturers. Advantage: long life and high availability.

Available optional extras include a spare wheel cage, axle lifts for the first and third axles, or a trailing-steered third axle.
SOMMER has many years of experience in design and construction of semitrailer and trailer chassis. F
or many years, numerous bodybuilders throughout Europe have been successfully using SOMMER chassis for their trailers with tank, box, tarpaulin or special bodies.