SOMMER TIM: new integral box body in mixed construction for the CEP industry

For the first time SOMMER has combined the major features of the successful models for the CEP industry SOMMER TIC (sliding doors in the cabin) and S

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SOMMER offers a wide range of vehicle bodies and van conversions especially developed for the parcel, express and courier operations. Our solutions are continuously optimized and improved according to our clients´ needs and everyday operation experience. From the TA shelf conversion through the TI integrated body including the bulkhead with sliding door and side access to cargo area to the lightweight TGL boxes for chassis.


Our parcel service vehicles are characterized by practical equipment such as folding shelves with up to 200 kg load capacity, cargo securing rails in the floor and shelf edge and high security automatic locking systems. 


Removal or new furniture:  furniture transport is highly demanding the vehicles and superstructures: smooth surfaces but different cargo securing opportunities, high stability combined with low weight, optimization for the specific task but high flexibility for other type of cargo as well. The decades-long SOMMER experience made the company an internationally well-known specialist in furniture transportation vehicle solutions with its full range composed of swap boxes, truck bodies, trailers and semi-trailers with specific equipment.

As an alternative to simple plywood superstructures we offer our proven box bodies made of special plywood with fastening and double deck systems integrated in the side wall. The interior walls are available with needle felt, plywood or concrete plywood. All box bodies  can be equipped individually according to specific needs, for example with electricity for freezers or air conditioners with moisture balance.