New, clearer classification system

SOMMER has introduced a new type classification system for all vehicles and superstructures for the IAA 2012. They are arranged by vehicle and structure type and are extremely easy to follow. The classifications for all semi-trailers start with an S, truck bodies with an M, trailers with an A, central axle trailers with a Z, swap bodies with a W, and vans with a T. This also demonstrates how extensive SOMMER's range of vehicles, superstructures and systems actually is. The second letter of the classification refers to the type of structure: P stands for platform, G for closed structure, W for swap system, I for integrated box body, and A for box body system. SP refers to a platform semi-trailer, WG to a swap body, MG to a closed truck body, and ZP to a central axle trailer with platform trailer body. Special designs or constructions, such as jumbo (J) or lightweight (L) can be added to the classification as needed.

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