SOMMER TIM: new integral box body in mixed construction for the CEP industry

For the first time SOMMER has combined the major features of the successful models for the CEP industry SOMMER TIC (sliding doors in the cabin) and SOMMER TIB (sliding in the body) and thus has developed a particularly economic and efficient solution: the SOMMER TIM.

SOMMER provides one of the most extensive programs of body and conversion solutions specifically for courier, express and parcel services. The new SOMMER TIM is an integral box body made of an all-aluminum rivet construction. It has a large cargo area, a raised driver’s cab and a direct passage from the cab into the cargo space with lockable door. The vehicle is equipped with a sliding side door on the passenger side of the cabin and combines robustness and low weight. The advantage: long service life and high payload. The sliding door in the cab allows safe exit on the side away from traffic. On the driver's side the SOMMER TIM in mixed construction is equipped with the original cab door of the motor car manufacturer. At the same time, this solution allows for maximum shelf length in the box body - more space to transport parcels safely and access the load easily. The cargo area is furnished with a robust shelf system. Automatically locking side and rear doors provide more security.

The sidewalls of the SOMMER TIM are made of aluminum. This quality construction has been tried and tested in parcel services for decades and is characterized by extreme robustness and durability. In addition, the aluminum outer skin can very easily and quickly be repaired when damaged. On the outside, three riveted aluminum hat profiles with sturdy end caps serve as a side ram protection.

The load compartment is equipped with a robust and durable shelving system that ensures order and safety during transport, thanks to standard load securing devices such as slip edges or corrugated shelf surface. On request, the shelves are hinged and thus provide space for bulky goods. The shelves are designed for load capacity of about 500 kg.

The rear step made of anodized aluminum extends over the entire width of the vehicle and is mounted to the reinforced corner columns with spring brackets. Two nylon pads screwed on the spring brackets are used as collision protection for ramp loading.

The locking system locks the doors of the body automatically, thus protecting the load compartment. Unlocking is "key-less" by means of a transponder or from the inside with large switches. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a start-stop system, enabling the driver to start the engine out using the car key by pressing a button in the dashboard.

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