SOMMER TIL: integral box body now available in four sizes for various transporter chassis

SOMMER has refined the tried-and-tested SOMMER TIL box body for courier, express and parcel services (CEP) and now offers this based on the Iveco Daily, VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter. The SOMMER TIL is available for vans with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 to 5 tonnes, and is available in four different body lengths from 3.5 metres to 5.5 metres as the TIL 45, TIL 60, TIL 70 and TIL 80.


Alongside the generously sized, cubic loading area, the SOMMER body includes a streamlined driver's cab extension, plus some practical adjustments in the standard cab.  The robust, double-walled lightweight panels and modern production methods using the latest bonding technology, make the box bodies extremely stable and ensure the structure has a low tare weight. For example, the SOMMER TIL 45 can take a payload of around 1,000 kg when fully equipped with shelves down both sides, electronic locking system for the rear doors and the sliding door on the side, plus cargo control devices and a gross weight of 3,500 kg.


SOMMER has optimised the division and fittings of the TIL for faster and simpler use based on studies of customers' daily usage. This starts in the driver's cab: the raised ceiling of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) provides comfortable headroom of at least 1.90 metres, as does the door access in the loading area, making it easier to switch between the driving position and delivery activities. The loading area has an aisle of around 900 millimetres between the shelves, which facilitates fast access to the load. Deep step treads with an access height of approx. 370 millimetres guarantee safe and efficient entries and exits in any situation.


For parcel delivery services SOMMER equips the loading area with a flexible and easy-to-use shelving system. The shelves are made from aluminium and have so-called airline profiles at the edges. These are also used in cargo planes and enable the lashing straps to be attached with standardised hooks. The profiles also act as an edge lip, preventing the load from falling off. These lashing profiles are also installed in the floor. This means that large or heavy loads are also easy to secure properly. The shelves can also be supplied with a hinged design on request. The hinges make it easy to create additional loading space for bulky goods – using either half or all of the vehicle length. All shelves can also be supplied with an anti-slip fixture and with safety nets on the dividers, to prevent loads shifting out of place.


However, the safety features of the SOMMER TIL are not limited to preventing shifting and damage to the cargo, but also extend to possible theft. The doors to the loading area can be equipped with the snapLOG electronic locking system developed for SOMMER. The doors lock automatically when they are closed to prevent unauthorised access to the loading area. The remote control for the central locking system in the driver's cab is required to unlock them from the outside. From inside, both the sliding door at the front and the split rear door can be unlocked by means of a large switch.


The SOMMER engineers have designed the TIL for many years of cost-effective, efficient service, which is clear from the many details that may not always be obvious at first glance, but are in fact crucial to the design. High-quality LED ceiling lights illuminate every corner of the loading area. The modern light-emitting diode technology not only guarantees low power consumption, but also an extremely long service life from the bulbs. The ceiling lights are controlled by a motion sensor, which means the driver always has light when he needs it – safety and time-saving complement one another perfectly. The cabling for the ceiling lights and the rear lights runs along the body's corner profiles, which provides lasting protection against damage.


The step for rear entry is also testament to the well-engineered design of the SOMMER TIL. It not only has a fully non-slip surface and a generously sized edge stop to prevent an accidental misstep. The mounting used to attach the step to the vehicle frame is designed to minimise damage to the frame in the event of a collision. Other features with added value include the long-life LED side marker lamps integrated in the side wall for protection, and the smooth, easy-stick and easy-clean exterior walls, which are an important factor in the successful overall appearance of the SOMMER TIL. 

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